Case Studies 2


A smaller materials testing equipment manufacturer faced a much larger, well entrenched competitor. They wanted to bring their capital equipment products to market and sell “their technical value”.


By first doing market research we developed a branding “identity” and approach that enabled us to successfully launch a series of marketing initiatives and grow ADMET sales and revenue by 25%+ annually. A key to this was to establish them as a skilled, technically competent alternative to the older established brand of tester.

Older test machine fitted with new ADMET controls

Using a cost effective marketing approach including press releases, technical articles, e-marketing and mailings, we made their brand name known and established a positive identity as a responsive and technically skilled alternative as “David” vs. “Goliath”.


A new, innovative company founded by skilled engineers who had developed a unique new solution for a chemical hand-held analyzer employing X-ray Florescence technology, but was outmanned and outspent in the market place by their competition. Despite having a better instrument, they were not getting their message across effectively and price-cutting was not a viable option for them to gain market share.


Their presence at important trade events was a key strategy by getting face to face with prospective customers and showing how good the new instrument really was. This however, limited their ability to build their brand and messages to the larger worldwide markets.

By establishing an on-going series of press news, advertisements and magazine articles we built a brand image and market presence far outweighing competition in specific niches.

Then, initiating a web presence and a national series of seminar events, we were able to capitalize on new international laws that prohibited hazardous substances such as lead. Being first and best in this new market niche enabled Innov-X to grow revenue and profits significantly. In just four years the company’s sales were ten-times larger or over 1000% growth.

Equally as significant was the added visibility to attract investment capital of $27 million to help the company grow further.


A testing laboratory with a mid-west client base was looking to grow outside their geographical boundaries.

Armada Consulting was tasked with business development on the East Coast. During a five-year period, we were able to grow sales by over seven-fold.


This was done by targeted sales planning and execution. We also developed direct sales calling with a broader customer based in the Northeast using new industry contacts and a focused technical sales territory management strategy.

A key to this was localized sales visits, developing new accounts, newsletters and technical group networking.