Case Studies 1


A Software as a Service company (SaaS) was launching an innovative program that promised to reduce travel and collaboration costs, but had limited capital and marketing funding to develop sales leads.

Glance Software’s SaaS service enables users to “share screens” with people at long distance via the internet, and eliminate the need to travel to collaborate. They were trying to establish their identity and branding but were virtually unknown, being a startup in this crowded space.

Glance Visual Engagement is built on a combo of best-in-class and patented cobrowse, screen share, and video technologies


After researching users and potential markets we opted for a cost-effective marketing approach combining targeted mailings and press news to generate sales leads. This was tied with an “adwords” program on the internet.

The response exceeded expectations and helped to set the company on a growth path towards profitability. Today, they have developed as a multi-user and multi-platform solution provider that is well recognized even against much larger competitors. 


An advanced engineering firm in the biomedical testing area had developed a smaller and less expensive offering for more general tests.

Even at a price of 1/5th that of their larger more specialized hip-implant testing machines, sales were slow in this new broader application arena. They were virtually unknown outside of specialized niche markets.


The approach was to research potential markets and find niche areas where the application of AMTI’s new technology would produce high-value results for customers. The high-value results that current biomedical applications relied upon, using their higher-cost systems, would be a vital key in messaging targeted to the new customers.

Prosthetic and biomedical implant applications, and others, were targeted by technical presentations at national professional meetings successfully introducing the AMTI Force5 system to the new market segments.


A small company known for its patented mesh networking technology wanted to move into newer, more lucrative markets and develop an image as an Energy Management Solutions (EMS) provider. Larger competitors were well entrenched in the new construction and major rebuilding markets for energy management.

Multiple companies were also embarking on product developments using wireless networking technology being aimed at the mass-market for residential EMS. Thus, there were major roadblocks to their marketing strategy of being an EMS provider.


Using a multi-front strategy of market development by partnering with a major energy construction company they demonstrated how their wireless EMS technology could save deployment time and come online faster using their internet SaaS software. We developed a white paper highlighting this installation, which coupled with major technical meetings and presentations enabled them to show their capabilities as an EMS.

A further approach we developed with advertising in the utility segment positioning them as an EMS provider. This was combined with high level executive summit meetings. A key alliance with a national partner has now enabled them to gain entrance to the national school EMS marketplace.

Recent press news positioned them into “green” EMS applications.  We revamped their web site presence that now positions them as an experienced and knowledgeable EMS partner, making the transition complete.

Vacuum Pump Company


A Midwestern supplier of new and rebuilt high vacuum pumps for industrial uses was losing market share against entrenched competition. New, focused advertising campaigns were created to start


Armada consulting developed a new sales development–marketing plan with newsletters, advertising with a new focused website presence.  

We developed new target markets to work using sales calls, and resulted in sales growth of 70% in three years. Armada also reduced cost by $100,000 annually.