Working together within the Armada Group are select professional Associates that add greater capabilities and resources to your projects.

Jacques J Marcotte is a Senior Management Executive and is founder of Powermar Associates, LLC where he consults with clients on improving their business operations, with particular focus on Sales and Marketing Management, field operations, and business revenue and profit growth. A key skill of Jacques is the ability to perform thorough statistical analysis of markets, products, costing and pricing with the goals of market growth and profit enhancement.

His specialties include Executive Sales Management, General Management (Operations, R&D, Finance), Turnaround of International Businesses, Post Acquisition Integration, Key Account Management, Top Line Growth, Growth of Billable service Businesses, Profitable Revenue Growth, Operational Re-organization, Staff Development, Professional Relationship Development.

Jacques brings broad international experience, having led the worldwide reorganization the Instruments Division of BTG GROUP (Switzerland), as VP Global Sales where he took over $3M in SG&A Costs out of the Business, and then as General Manager where he streamlined Operations (factories in Germany and Sweden). He had previously completed the reorganization of the Americas division of BTG GROUP where he reduced costs, developed and implemented a well-defined channel strategy including creating a direct sales and service subsidiary in Brazil.

His clients include various European Technology companies. He is also working with a leading PPE supplier in USA in light of the current COVID Pandemic.

A degreed chemist, Jacques began a career in DuPont Canada and then joined Instron in Canada as General Manager of Instron Canada Inc. He held various posts at Instron Corp. and its subsidiaries and culminated in the role of VP Sales Americas with responsibility for all Sales operations in North and South America.