Working together within the Armada Group are select professional Associates that add greater capabilities and resources to your projects.

Ruben Fagundo is the founder and principal of NPV Corporation which is devoted to design, deployment, installation, and maintenance of networked computer systems and software for business, non-profit, and education clients. In addition, his company offers web-related services including client hosting, security, and cloud operations. Ruben has a broad background spanning computer software and hardware to system development for a broad base of commercial, non-profit, and educational IT clients.  NPV can handle the challenges of scaling and managing Information Technology infrastructure while effectively reducing costs with access to best-in-class tool sets, hardware, software and technology.  NPV also provides VOIP telecom services through its Bizphone subsidiary. Key to his success is the cost savings, reliability and on-going support that NPV brings to each client.

 Ruben is a Northeastern University Graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering.

  • Information Technology Services
  • Network Design and Installation
  • Cloud based Operations
  • Security Software and Design
  • VOIP Telephone Services
  • Web Hosting

Database design and development

Client Testimonial: “As president of NPV Corporation, Ruben provides top notch service for technology. His knowledge of Linux operating systems and how to deploy them to maintain high technology delivery while keeping costs low has benefited many companies in New England. Ruben is easy to work with, reliable, and follows through on his commitments.”